Throwback: Nine-Whutcha Want



Nine is a rapper from the Bronx who had a musical breakthrough in ’93 on the Funkmaster Flex Ghetto Celeb song “6 Million Ways To Die.” His ’95 debut album Nine Livez made him an underground favorite spearheaded by “Whutcha Want,” “Any Emcee” and “Redrum.” The sophomoric follow-up Cloud 9 was also critically acclaimed and further established him on NYC’s under the radar rap scene. He recorded a total of 4 albums with 2009’s Quinine being his most recent output. At the time of his introduction he was compared to Busta Rhymes and later seen as the precursor to DMX because of his distinct gruff vocals. As of 2013 Nine is returning to rap music with plans to release new music and tour and he can be reached via his Facebook and Youtube accounts.