Media Questions Of The Week

1. Why does anyone care about Rolling Stone’s “50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time” when they have never adequately covered hip-hop nor made sure it was properly represented at the Rock Hall of Fame? And why did all of the journalists come from Rolling Stone? Where were the important hip-hop journalists of the past 25 years (Greg Tate, Nelson George, Harry Allen, Bonz Malone, Carol Cooper, Michael D. Gonzales etc.)? And hiring Rick Rubin and the like to do a special issue is just exploiting hip-hop for sales much like them putting Tupac on the cover posthumously.


2. Isn’t Ebro of Hot97’s excuses for not playing underground NYC rap artists laughable?

3. Why did the LAPD unseal Biggie’s autopsy report when it will not solve the murder and it only serves to bring up bad feelings?

4. Is the music industry so bad that a male artist like Joe Budden has to objectify himself by leaking a nude photo for attention? And if this is true, should audiences hold the male body to same standards of “perfection” that they hold for women?