The All Ball Band Offers Welcome Hurricane and Election Relief with Video Animation and eBook Release


ALL BALL BAND video animation

Los Angeles – With only a few days until the 2012 presidential election, the members of the All Ball Band are taking a lighthearted look at politics. But, instead of talking about the race for President of the United States, the animated crew of ‘ballers’ is discussing an issue critical to the well-being of the American public – the world’s favorite pastime, football!

In the collective spirit of Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts,” Bill Cosby’s “Fat Albert,” and Jim Henson’s “Sesame Street” and “The Muppets,” the animated All Ball Band are a crazy crew of characters with a conscience. Their recent All Ball Band eBook and video short releases are garnering mass appeal attracting attention from kids and adults alike and projecting seven-figure You Tube views by Election Day.

In light of recent events and disasters, the creator, Jim White of Jim White Enterprises’ (JWE), is donating a portion of the proceeds from the All Ball Band eBook sales to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

by James E. White Jr. & Walter Conle

A series with equal parts education and entertainment, the All Ball Band provides natural content for integrated media, extending its projected cross-platform reach via television, film, Internet, music production, book publishing, comics, mobile apps, computer and console video games and live events.

In the three minute You Tube video release, the band’s star drummer Pig reminds us, “It’s about time to elect a new USA Championship Football,” and lets the viewers know he’s “a lean, mean touchdown machine.” Using a touch screen map, Pig knocks down his opponents one by one, including his soccer ball rival Patches who, Pig says, “…doesn’t know if he wants to be black or white!” Pig fields calls from his fans, including Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who reveals his childhood dream of playing in the NFL, and President Barack Obama, who compliments Pig on his campaign style.

“This is only the beginning of the All Ball Band story,” says producer Jim White. “Every one of the characters who live in the All Ball World are fully prepared to bring their comedic take to any subject, appealing to everyone but targeting children. With the All Ball Band concept, we have combined two of the most potent influences on youth culture — music and sports. All Ball World offers a fresh perspective on critical issues in a familiar language, giving playful, relatable examples of how to navigate a world that changes every millisecond. We are also teaching children how to respectfully connect with friends and family; how to love the process of learning; and how to discover who they want to be as they grow into adulthood.”

Jim White, creator of

The main characters in the All Ball Band are represented as a ball from a major sport. “Babe” is the sax-wailing baseball, “Patches” is the soccer ball and the lead singer is “Strike” the bowling ball guitarist. “Pig” (as in pigskin, of course) is the football drummer, “Dr. Tee” is the golf ball on keyboards, the trumpet-playing basketball is “Slam” and “Love” (the sole female in the band) is a bass-playing tennis ball. Each character is endowed with their own unique personality, fueled by their diverse tastes in music — from pop to jazz, from rap to rock — interacting in situations accessible to all viewers of any ages and delightfully driving each storyline to its goal.

For the past two decades, Jim White has defined the designation of successful entrepreneur in every aspect of entertainment, covering television, film, music, live production, book publishing and talent management. Beverly Hills based businesses have consulted with him over the years per his expertise in connecting them to new audiences and expanding their brands. He brings a substantive savvy to any project and unequivocal integrity to every relationship. His innate ability to envision the potential and the power in a raw concept has produced satisfying results for all who avail themselves of his remarkable vision and his commitment to excellence.

With the All Ball Band, White brings his considerable knowledge, experience and expertise in traditional entertainment to the next level. Jim White and his exceptional creative team at JWE are producing integrated content that seamlessly engages all markets and every available media format, connecting the extraordinary promise of new technology with the time honored value of quality storytelling.

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