Throwback: Azymuth-Partido Alto


Keyboardist Jose Roberto Bertrami, guitarist Alex Malheiros and drummer Ivan Conti became the Brazilian jazz-funk trio called Azymuth in 1972. They called their music “crazy samba” but it really sounded like a more festive style of fusion from Weather Report. Their first album was the soundtrack to the Brazilian film “O Fabuloso Fittipaldi” in 1972. They recorded for a few different labels including Atlantic before they signed a contract with American jazz label Milestone in 1979. The Light As A Feather album from 1979 was immediately noticed for the rollicking basslines of “Jazz Carnival” which made it globally accepted dance tune. “Partido Alto” is from this album as well as “Fly Over The Horizon” and “Light As A Feather.” Their enormous recording legacy has spanned almost four decades and 20 plus releases of which the band regards 1982’s Telecommunication to be their most significant album. They also produced several albums as solo artists and Ivan Conti recorded Sujinho with Madlib in 2008. Bertrami’s July 8th 2012 passing makes the Aurora album from 2011 their last recording as a trio.