Throwback: Odyssey-Native New Yorker


Lillian, Louise and Carmen Lopez were a singing trio from New York who billed themselves as The Lopez Sisters. Tony Reynolds joined the group after Carmen left and they became Odyssey. “Native New Yorker” was the centerpiece song of their self-titled 1977 debut and a benchmark of the disco era. The band recorded seven albums but only managed to gain commercial ground in the United States with the 1982 Slave-produced single, “Inside Out.” “Use It Up and Wear It Out” went to number one in the UK and “Don’t Tell Me Tell Her,” “If You’re Looking For A Way Out” and “Going Back To My Roots” also did well overseas. Tony Reynolds passed in 2010 and Lillian Lopez died in September of 2012. A new version of the group lead by Lillian Lopez’s son Steven Collazo independently released the Legacy project in 2011.