dead prez Sign With Krian Music Group For Release Of Information Age


(New York, NY- September 27, 2012) – Krian Music Group, a full service independent record label based in New York City, announces the signing of socially conscious and provocative hip-hop duo, dead prez. The new album, Information Age, will be available digitally on October 16, 2012 and slated for a physical release on January 22, 2013.

For over a decade, dead prez have been signed with top independent publishing company, The Royalty Network. When dead prez decided to work with a record label, they entrusted their first album in eight years to Krian Music Group, launched in 2011 by Royalty Network Founder, Frank Liwall.

On Information Age, dead prez, individually known as M-1 and, embark on their politically driven, revolutionary and eye-opening missive about hot button topics such as government control, health care and economic class. It is no coincidence that Krian is releasing the album digitally before the upcoming Presidential election.

“We feel very positive about our joint venture with Krian. We’ve had a great relationship with Royalty network for many years,” remarked dead prez. “Dead prez has always prided ourselves on our independence and integrity and we were able to form a partnership with Krian that can appreciate what dead prez’ significance to the culture is and has the capabilities to help us reach bigger goals with the Information Age album around the world. Team work makes the dream work!”

“A New Beginning,” the lead single, is a modern hip-hop track, which speaks to the evolution of our society due to the environmental, economic and social shifts presently taking place.

Listen to “A New Beginning”

On Information Age, dead prez are once again raising their voices about social issues that plague society as they continue to lead the pack of the politically conscious side of hip-hop, as they have since their debut album, 2000’s critically acclaimed Let’s Get Free.

“After working closely with M-1 and Stic for more than 10 years as their publishing Administrator, we’ve developed a very close and unique bond,” stated Frank Liwall, President of Royalty Network and Krian Music Group, “so now being in a position to release their first album in 8 years, on our label, is an absolute privilege and honor. One that could only come through the years of working together.”