Throwback: The Pharcyde-Otha Fish


Derrick “Fatlip” Stewart, Imani Wilcox, Tre “Slimkid3” Hardison and Romye “Bootye Brown” Robinson are the original members of The Pharcyde. The Los Angeles natives started their careers as dancers before they became a group. They signed a recording contract with Delicious vinyl in 1991 and made their first appearance on The Brand New Heavies’“Soul Flower.” Their debut album Bizarre Ride II To The Pharcyde was released in 1992 and is noted for its jazzy psychedelic style that was opposite from the gangsta rap coming from the area at the time. “Passing Me By,” “Otha Fish” and “Pack The Pipe” are from this collection and made the biggest impression on rap fans who could appreciate a different kind of California rap sound. Labcabincalifornia would follow-up Bizarre Ride in ’95. “Runnin'” and “Drop” were produced by J.Dilla and “She Said” was the other standout track. Dissension among them lead to Fatlip’s departure and the remaining members released the Plain Rap album in 2000. Slimkid3 decided to go solo after this project and released his Liberation album in 2002. Imani and Bootie Brown released Humboldt Beginnings in 2004 with the addition of new members Schmooche Cat and Spaceboy Boogie X as their producer. They reunited in 2009 during a performance for The Rhymesayers Entertainment Soundset Music Festival. Uncle Imani released “Paper$$$” in 2012 as a prelude to his upcoming Problaccmajik album. A series of t-shirts celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bizarre Ride went on sale in the summer of 2012.