Yogy-Kings Wears Crowns


Bay Area rapper Yogy just released his Kings Wears Crowns and it has features from Freeway and Money Mou$e.


1. Kings Wear Crowns [Intro] (Prod. by PJ)
2. Money Mayweather fr. Class (Prod. by PJ)
3. Wolves ft. Freeway (Prod. by The Tucker Brothers)
4. Mackin’ & Hangin’ (Prod. by Yung Exclusive)
5. Jack Move ft. Money Mou$e (Prod. by VYBE)
6. Poles & Naked Hoes (Prod. by PJ)
7. C Note (Prod. by The Tucker Brothers)
8. Gold fr. Kaz Kyzah (Prod. by The Tucker Brothers)
9. 40’s & Beanie Caps (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)
10. Til’ My Deathbed (Prod. by Diamond Style)
11. Mirror Mirror (Prod. by PJ)
12. Coolin’ ft. Beejus (Prod. by PJ)
13. Louis Vuitton ft. Mike Dash E, Class & Calvin Davis Jr. (Prod. by The Tucker Brothers)