Throwback: The Force M.D.’s-Itchin’ For A Scratch



Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy, Stevie D.,Dr.Rock, Rodney “Khalil” Lundy, Trisco Pearson, Charles “Mercury” Nelson and Jesse Lee Daniels called themselves the L.D.’s and the M.C.’s before they settled on The Force M.D.s. They developed their craft singing on the Staten Island Ferry and received their introduction into the music industry when Mr. Magic took them to Tommy Boy records. Love Letters was their 1984 debut and “Forgive Me Girl,” “Tears” and “Itchin’ For A Scratch” immediately established them as the progenitors of a new type of hip-hop/R&B hybrid that would morph into New Jack Swing and Hip-hop soul. Chillin’ from 1986 was their second album and the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis penned “Tender Love” became their signature song and gave them temporary pop status. “Here I Go Again” was also a standout from Chillin’ and “MD’s Meet The Fat Boys” was one of the earliest collaborations between singers and rappers. “Love Is A House” and “Touch And Go” from their third album of the same name were the last songs of their commercial peak. They released Step To Me and Moments in Time in the ’90’s but at that point their followers like Mary J. Blige had taken their sound into a new era with greater market success. Charles “Mercury” Nelson, Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy and DJ Rock passed during the ’90’s and the remaining members released the Reunion album in 2000. A documentary on the group called The Force M.D.’s Relived was shown at The American Black Film Festival this year.