Throwback:Massive Attack-Lately



Massive Attack was the production trio of Robert “3D” Del Naja,Grant “Daddy G” Marshall and Andy “Mushroom” Vowles. They met each other as members of the UK soundsystem The Wild Bunch. “Any Love” was their first independently released single in 1988. Shortly after the record came out they received the support of Neneh Cherry who helped them get a deal with Circa Records in 1990. The company would eventually be obtained by EMI through a series of deals. Their first single, “Daydreaming” with guest vocals from Shara Nelson, appeared in 1990 before the full album Blue Lines emerged the following year.The album was their critically acclaimed debut that lead the way for a subgenre of R&B called trip-hop. Adrian “Tricky” Thaws had hung out with them when they were The Wild Bunch and he appeared on the album doing whispery raps. “Lately,” “Unfinished Symphony” and “Safe From Harm” created an influence that would inspire bands like Portishead, Beth Orton and Tricky’s solo career. Three years later Protection was released and the laid-back fusion of hip-hop, R&B and dub most impressively heard in the title track and “Karmacoma” motivated the media to use the trip-hop label more freely in describing them. By the time of their third album Mezzazine, Tricky and Andrew Vowles had left the group. Their sound changed dramtically and prior jazz and hip-hop influences were replaced with dark ambient sound that was praised by the critics and sold well. The majority of the songs including “Angel,” “Inertia Creeps,” “Teardrop” and “Dissolved Girl” were used in films. 100th Window was their fourth album and it was released in 2003 with Robert Del Naja as the only remainining core member. “Special Cases” and “Butterfly Caught” were the album’s two singles produced by Del Naja and Neil Davidge. In 2009 the Splitting The Atom EP came out. Heligoland would be released in 2010 as their fifth full-length album to date. The album was promoted with eight mini films and the singles, “Splitting the Atom,” “Psyche” and “Paradise Circus (Burial Remix.)” In October 2011 they released the Burial collaboration project “Four Walls/Paradise Circus.”