David Banner To Appear At Harvard University For The LA Riots:Twenty Years Later


(April 19, 2012—Los Angeles, CA) Grammy award winning rapper/producer David Banner will appear at The LA Riots: Twenty Years Later Conference taking place on April 27 & 28 at Harvard University. The conference brings together leading scholars, activists and artists to look back at –and forward from- the LA Riots. It will combine a critical retrospective examination of the uprising with reflections on democracy and inequity today, a time of economic crisis and revolution in much of the world.

Banner who has been very out spoken about the recent murder of Trayvon Martin and lives lost in the Tulsa, OK shooting, will be joined by Henry Louis Gates Jr. along with other panelists from Harvard University, NYU, Temple University and more, to address attendees in the TSAI Auditorium about the state of the black community seen through his eyes. Banner has appeared on BET 106 & Park and BlackEnterprise.com voicing his opinion on the safety of black youth and the community, imploring that there be some kind of legislation along with other solutions to help keep African Americans safe in the United States.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to speak at Harvard…it is vital that we talk about what we can do to better ourselves and our communities; now and for the next 20 years. The people of America, especially our youth, have the power to be heard; to change legislation and positively impact our culture for generations to come.”

Banner is currently gearing up to introduce the world to a revolutionary new concept in urban culture called the 2M1 Movement. On May 22, he will release his new project, Sex, Drugs and Video Games (which was solely funded by Banner) for free via www.livemixtapes.com and www.davidbanner.com. In exchange, Banner is asking two million people to donate a minimum of $1. With these proceeds Banner is going to consistently deliver music, videos, movies and charitable donations to positively influence urban culture.

For more information on David Banner’s appearance The LA Riots: Twenty Years Later Conference log onto www. Tinyurl.com/lariotsharvardsymposium.