Jazz Bassist Russel Blake Partners with National Domestic Violence Registry

Los Angeles – When Russel Blake creates, he taps deep into his inner most God source. It is evidenced by music the renowned music producer and jazz bassist has gifted the planet with, including three CD’s and over 432 compositions within his repertoire encompassing classical, Spanish classical, traditional jazz, Brazilian, opera, Latin and blues music idioms. It rings apparent in the eloquence he embodies as an author penning “Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman Vol. 1,” where he communicates the precious and priceless value of all women. His God space shines clear when he speaks, captivating crowds with a wealth of musical knowledge, spiritual resolve and his genuine love for humanity. Russel Blake is indeed the reflection of a man who embodies reverence and grace and the vision is inspiring.

His recently announced partnership with the National Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR) echoes his continued commitment to service, expanding his parameters as a jazz musician, utilizing his talents as a vehicle to help heal the world. As a partner, the musician/producer/author/speaker has positioned himself to enhance the plight of abused women, and women at large, by bringing much need attention to NDVR as a resourceful remedial aid.

The National Domestic Violence Registry works to gather and house the conviction records of offenders, both men and women, who have been found guilty of domestic violence and domestic violence related offenses and provides this information, free of charge, to the general public. A woman can now easily look up the name of a paramour and find out if he has a history of abuse in his past, potentially avoiding explosive circumstances.

“I have always recognized women as a most significant pillar of society. The proliferation of any negative portrayals in music, films or books that both sexually objectifies and perpetuates escalating violence against women, only hinders her perceived rise and deserved progression. My music and books are an ongoing tribute to her existence and her greatness. I offer them as a healing balm,” cites Blake.

“I can think of no entity of whom I am both humbled and most proud to vigorously assert my name in endorsement than the National Domestic Violence Registry. NDVR is a preventive cure to the pervasive cancer of domestic violence in our society,” adds Russel Blake in an official endorsement statement.

As a musician, Russel Blake proudly continues the musical legacy of his father, Latin musical great Alexander Blake, and his brother, world renowned jazz bassist, Alex Blake. At the foundation of all his artistry lies his impeccable composition, theoretical and musical arrangement skills; all of which are self-taught.

Jazz bassist, Russel Blake

A native New Yorker now residing in Los Angeles, Russel Blake has shared his talents in 65 countries, on five continents, and holds the title of ‘Adjunct Professor’ at five universities. Besides accompanying and recording with several music giants, such as Chaka Kahn, Angie Stone, Wynton Marsalis, Sonny Rollins and Harry Belafonte, to name just a few, Russel has also been featured as the exclusive bassist for Broadway productions “The Lion King,” and “Dreamgirls.”

Among his highest achievements, Blake was appointed by the U.S. State Department to perform as an Ambassador of Goodwill to eight West African nations. He was also contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense to lecture on the symbiotic nature of Science and Music for DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) International Conference.

Russel’s tome “Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman Volume 1,” written in Psalm format, elevates the image of Black women and counters the negative perception created by media and society, expressing the right for all women to be treated with unwavering respect and dignity. The book has been endorsed by author and poetess emeritus Maya Angelou and political strategist Donna Brazile and is supported by First Lady Michelle Obama. Blake is planning two additional volumes which will embrace women of all hue and nationalities.

Blake’s partnership with the National Domestic Violence Registry is a significant alliance as the issue of domestic violence impacts mostly women victims who are abused by men. His leadership as a male role model lends added resonance to his beautiful music and greater impact to his powerful spoken and written word.

For more information on the National Registry of Domestic Violence go to http://www.domesticviolencedatabase.org/. For a luscious sampling of Russel Blake’s musical genius and written word, go to http://www.russelblake.net.