Media Questions Of The Week


1. Was it really wrong for Mary J. Blige to revisit stereotypes about Black people like the Coon Chicken Inn for a Burger King commercial when Aretha Franklin did a Snickers ad? Or how about Busta Rhymes’s “Pass The Courvoisier?” And why didn’t her people tell her that if she had promoted the “salads” or the “smoothies” instead of chicken the public would’ve called her a hero?


2. Is Young Jeezy correct when he says that the streets will erupt if George Zimmerman is not charged for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin?

3. Is Pam Grier's choice of Halle Berry to play her in a biopic the best person for the job?
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9 years ago

Amen to that….Very well said…Too many fast food in this world as it is ;o)