Media Questions Of The Week


The-Dream SXSW by YardieGoals

1. Isn’t The Dream telling the truth when he talks about the world’s fascination with white people doing soul music and Blacks being pigeonholed into pop? And doesn’t it prove that the bottom line at major labels is not just money but whiteness?

2. Why did someone give Janet Jackson a pickanniny type doll as a tour gift if we live in a "post-racial" world?


3. How could Whitney Houston have died of an “accidental drowning” if the first reports of her death said she did not have “a sufficient amount of water in her lungs?”


4. How can Gene Simmons criticize Rihanna’s music for not “being real” when Kiss is nothing more than a great marketing plan, gimmicks and mediocre musicality? Compared to Jimi Hendrix, Kiss is not real.