Hip Hop Artist/ Producer TrakBoss Says “Act Like You Want It” with New Digital Release


(Chicago, IL) – When you come from a city with a musical legacy as vast as Chicago’s ( think Common, think Kanye, think Kelly, hell – think Buddy Guy even – ok! ) – you got to bring it! You got to act like you want it !

Enter TrakBoss – the smoldering Windy City talent who is primed for the challenge. The sexy, young heartbreaker knows actions speak louder than words – but that the right words make way for the action. With his new digital release, “Act Like You Want It” TrakBoss makes it clear; not only does he want it, he has claimed it as his!

“Act Like You Want It” rocks with bold bravado, rolls with smooth defiance and rhymes with audacious declaration. An artist and producer, TrakBoss is not only riding the Chicago hip hop legacy, but also taking it to new heights. “One of the better producers you’ve never heard of” is how ReviewYou.com tagged him – that is – until now!

Raised on the South East side of Chicago, Trakboss has been ‘schooled’ by the best. Under tthe tutelage of his uncle, platinum-selling artist/producer Marcus Darc, who formed his first group R-Kelly & MGM as a teenager; and Tyrone “Hurt ‘M Badd” Wrice, the producer of some of Tupac’s greatest hits, including “Hail Mary” and “Me and My Girlfriend,” TrakBoss is perfectly poised to aim and release fire!

Music has always run through his veins. He was just 14 when he entered and won his high school’s annual talent show. That’s when he knew he was born to perform. Now at 24, he is ready for the world. Self-described as the “coolest nerd you’ve ever met,” TrakBoss delivers with a fervor and intensity that reflects his dedication and passion to his craft. “Act Like You Want It” is not just a club banger but also an acknowledgement of the cool agility that sizzles right below his surface.

No newcomer to the game, TrakBoss dropped his debut mixed tape, “Whether You Like It Or Not,” in 2010 with the sophomoric follow up “Call It What You Want To” in June of last year. His tracks have received radio play on several popular urban internet radio stations including the SEA Award winning Dirty South Radio Online, Swurv Radio, Coast 2 Coast Radio and WBMZ Chicago.

Act like you want it and check out boss man TrakBoss at http://www.TrakBoss.com . Follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TrakBoss and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TrakBoss .