Throwback: Kamar-I Need You (Big Bad Dub)



Kamar is one of the many aliases of New Jersey house music producer/DJ Kerri Chandler. He is one of the people to lay the foundation of deep house starting out in 1990 with the track “Drink On Me” under the name Teule and “Get It Off” under the Three Generations moniker. That year also produced “My My Lover” with a feature from vocalist Dee Dee Brave. In 1992 he launched Madhouse Records with Champion Records and the first release was the EP A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin.’ Dreamer G’s “I Got That Feelin'” was released on Madhouse in 1992 and was another Chandler production. “I Need You” came out on the Madhouse label in 1993 with vocals from Maryum Abdulahif. Chandler also recorded “The Way I Feel” with Velva Johnson and the Atmosphere E.P. around the same time. Singer Arnold Jarvis would get the Chandler treatment when the producer presented his “Inspiration” single in 1994. “Glory To God” from his Ionosphere EP was another essential release from his 1994 catalog. Chandler consistently produced the best that dance music had to offer in the ’90’s and proved to be one of the genre’s most prolific artists. “Rain,” “Coro,” “Sunday Sunlight,” “Heal My Heart,” “Hallelujah” and the First Steps EP were a handful of premier tracks that he produced making his ’90’s output a necessary notice for all dance music fans globally. In the 2000’s Chandler has continued his output with songs like “Bar A Thym,” “In The Morning,” and “Oblivion.”The 2011 Ozone and Intermezzo EPS are Chandler’s most recent releases.