Incarcerated Rapper Big Tray Deee Pens New Fiction From the Pen – “Streetz Gon’ Cry”


San Francisco – Many remember Tracey “Big Tray Deee” Davis as part of the legendary west coast rap group, Tha Eastsidaz, which featured him alongside Snoop Dogg and Lil Goldie Loc. The group gained platinum success with their debut album, “Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz.” With his rap career cut short in 2003 by a 12 year prison bid however, many have long counted the former lyricist out of the game.

But talent and perseverance are qualities a prison cell cannot easily contain, as proven with LeNoir Publications’ debut release of “Streetz Gon’ Cry,” a gritty urban tale co-authored by none other than Big Tray Deee alongside another incarcerated gangster turned author, Anthony Barrow. “Streetz Gon’ Cry” literally blends another component into West coast gangsta’ rap, detailing the real life scenario behind the lyrics.

Blazing in the trails of urban literary giants like Chester Hines, Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines, Tray Deee and Barrow present a street saga laced with drugs, murder, gang warfare and a cast of nefarious characters. With South Central Los Angeles as the backdrop, the authors convincingly elaborate with first-hand experience about what they know.

“Streetz Gon’ Cry” is a fictional account of the King Crips and the Vernon Boys, who have an on-and-off rivalry. Both sets have their vision locked on controlling the cocaine trade in the Crenshaw District. Protagonist, Carter, a notorious, ride-or-die hustler from the Vernon Boys, is fresh out of the state penitentiary and on a mission to reclaim the streets. During his absence, acts of betrayal have placed his hood on the brink of implosion. With his mentor, Wolf, directing traffic from behind the walls of a federal prison, Carter plots his ultimate takeover to assume authority of the street’s illicit cash flow. Plot twists and turns pump and jump like the hydraulics on ’64 Chevy cruisin’ Crenshaw Boulevard. It’s a ride that will make you buckle up and hold on.

Rapper turned Author, Tracey "Big Tray Deee" Davis

Growing up on the gang active east side of Long Beach, CA, Tray Deee started gang banging and breaking the law at a very young age, spending his late teens and early 20’s in some of California’s most violent high-level penitentiaries. Tray Deee started writing rhymes as a hobby in 1988, entertaining his homeboys with tales of gang banging and crime as they sat locked away in the penitentiary.

His extensive vocabulary and clever wordplay made his songs stand out, and the encouraging response caused him to continue writing lyrics. That gift propelled him to fame as he contributed to major motion picture soundtracks, including “Gang Related,” “Gridlocked,” “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” “Baby Boy,” and “Rush Hour II.” As an act, his group Tha Easidaz opened for the highest grossing rap tour in history, “The Up in Smoke” tour. Cites Big Tray Deee, “My rap skills are just the icing on the cake. As an author now, I can give my fans and readers an even clearer understanding of the underworld activities of the Wild West with much more intrigue and detail.”

Author Anthony Barrow

Anthony Barrow became enamored with gang-banging and hustling early on, pledging allegiance to the Crip gang that controlled his neighborhood. His father was close friends with legendary Los Angles hustler Tracy Morrow aka “Ice-T.” Anthony saw up close how crime “pays.” His first hand exposure to several other street bosses fueled his thirst for cash and the finer things in life.

During his teenage years he became part of a circle that executed daring bank robberies. His eventual capture lead to a lengthy prison sentence. Currently behind bars, Barrow was inspired to share his worldview about street life. “I am a fan of street lit,” expresses Barrow, “but I have yet to come across a book that fully exploits what goes on in these mean L.A. streets. I lived it so I figured who better to tell the real deal.”

An introduction by JD of Ice Cube’s legendary rap group “Da Lench Mob” brought Barrow and Tray Deee together and “Streetz Gon’ Cry” was born. A highly charged, unapologetic tale fueled by two street savvy brains, “Streetz Gon’ Cry” explodes with conflict, danger and suspense.

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