Author James M. Robinson Exposes True Life Scandals with New Publishing House, Marriage Guns & Roses


Kansas City, MO – From Kobe Bryant to the Kardashians, celebrity scandals make the world go round. They generate tons of publicity and elicit even more conversation, gossip and thought. On some deep psychological level, they feed our illusions of personal innocence and validate our innate sense of self worth. But what about our own scandals, and those of our friends and our neighbors? They may not make the national headlines but are often even more outrageous than the ones we read about!

Reality novelist James M. Robinson

Author/publisher James M. Robinson has the answer and antidote to this very query. With the launch of his publishing house Marriage Guns & Roses; the creation of a new literary genre called “reality novels”; and the debut release of his first work, “Hard vs. Soft Sexual Conflicts,” Robinson is poised to turn urban lit and erotica on its proverbial head. He is succinctly providing a solution to the dilemma of addressing events sensational enough for headlines, but sans the celebrity involvement.

“Reality Novels” are a concept coined by Robinson to describe true stories, shocking in nature, told in book format. With the creation of Marriage Guns & Roses, he hopes to provide an avenue for the exploration and publishing of stories, presented by everyday people, who otherwise would not have access to a venue to tell their tales. The criteria are the occurrence must be true, extremely controversial, explosive and challenge the reader’s believability factor! Marriage Guns & Roses seeks to solicit true scandals from real people, turn them into published novels and then eventually short films.

Robinson jump starts the campaign with his own “reality novel,” “Hard vs. Soft Sexual Conflicts.” Revealing an escapade that positioned him in the middle of high drama between some of his very close friends, Robinson takes us to his hometown of Kansas City in the midst of the real estate boom in the early 2000’s. Changing the names to protect the guilty, Robinson weaves a tale so salacious, the reader is hooked at the very onset.

With the volatile ingredients of sex, lies, blackmail and yes, videotape, we are plunged into his world of upscale urbanites and whisked behind very closed doors. A roller coaster ride of real life performances unveils itself as Robinson finds himself in the middle of friends who have uncovered details that have turned them into enemies amongst themselves. A nymphomaniac wife, cheating on her husband with his friend might not seem very risqué, considering everyday headlines, but factor in Robinson’s gritty storytelling approach and this scandal quickly propels to epic proportions.

“I have found that sometimes the twists and turns of real life situations far outweigh the ‘wow factor’ of many of the celebrity scandals we read about. In my own personal circle I have been floored by some of the transgressions that have taken place right before my eyes! I know these stories are the tales folks want to hear about so I thought I’d create an outlet for it. Not everyone can get in the National Enquirer or Star, but with Marriage Guns & Roses, now everyone will have a fair chance at revealing a scandal close to them,” explains Robinson.

“My own personal tale is so funky and so raw, I can barely believe it myself, but I witnessed it firsthand,” he adds. ” When the individuals involved find out I’ve gone public with the story, I may have to leave town,” he chuckles, “but a big part of what makes a scandal a scandal is the reveal!”

To read the juicy details of Robinson’s own shocking disgrace, take a peak at and get your copy of “Hard vs. Soft Sexual Conflicts.” If you think you have a true life scandal that has the ingredients of intrigue, ruthlessness and conflict and you are ready to take it public, contact Robinson for a confidential interview at View the book trailer: