Prince’s ‘The Revolution’ Band Reunited for Heart-Health Awareness


MINNEAPOLIS – February 23, 2012 – The Revolution reunites to celebrate drummer Bobby Z’s one-year anniversary of surviving his near-fatal heart attack in 2011. The event took place on last Sunday, February 19, at First Avenue in Minneapolis, the iconic venue that started it all, and raised heart health awareness and money for MyPurpleHeart.Org and the American Heart Association.

Prince & The Revolution enthusiasts came from thousands of miles, as far away as Spain and New Zealand to California and New York, to see the iconic band perform together for the first time in years.

A year ago, Bobby Z was in critical condition after three blocked arteries caused a heart attack in February 2011. Doctors were able to open his blockages with three stents, which allowed Z to make a full recovery. The benefit concert featured heart-health and life-saving information, plus great music.

“Life is completely different now,” says Bobby Z. “I have a new appreciation for every moment. And I am still overwhelmed by all the thoughts and prayers I received from all over the world. Raising money for great doctors and the Heart Association while performing with the whole band was the perfect way to celebrate this milestone.”

The Revolution was featured in the GRAMMY and Academy Award-winning score from the iconic film Purple Rain. Bobby Z performed with Prince for 10 years.