Throwback: Group Home-Supa Star


Lil Dap and Melachi The Nutcracker are New York rappers who formed Group Home in 1988. They made their professional debut on the Gang Starr album Hard To Earn and Lil Dap had appeared previously on Daily Operation. “Supa Star” was their first single and it helped propel the success of their 1995 debut album of the same name. The album is noted for DJ Premier’s haunting production that many hip-hop fans consider to be his best work. Their 1999 sophomore release A Tear From The Ghetto, had a hit with the single “Make It In Life” but the project did not see the same kind of acclaim as their first album. In 2008 they released Where Back and Lil Dap explored his solo persona with I.A.Dap. Their last release was the 2010 Guru tribute, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal.