R.I.P. Don Cornelius



Writer, producer, host and creator of “Soul Train” Don Cornelius was found dead today of an apparent suicide at his home in Sherman Oaks, California. “Soul Train” gave Black entertainers a place on television in the absence of any shows dedicated to Black acts. The “Soul Train” line was a cultural marker of the coolest in Black music, dance and dress. Cornelius hosted the show from 1971-1993 and he sold it to MadVision Entertainment in 2008. The Chicago native last appeared at the BET Awards in 2009 to give The O’Jays a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Lemuel Lemmings
Lemuel Lemmings
12 years ago

I always thought Soul Train sucked because Every one of the performers Needed to lip sync. My parents utilized to watch Solid Gold and when i was bored I might watch that mess. But, I figured Arsenio was funny-ish.