R.I.P. Clare Fischer



Musician, composer, bandleader and arranger Clare Fischer died yesterday. Fischer was from a small Michigan town called Durand. For five years during the ’50’s he lived in Detroit and got his first experience as a vocal arranger for acapella group The Hi-Lo’s. In the ’60’s he recorded as a leader for Pacific Jazz Records. “Morning” and “Pensativa” were composed at this time and became his most recognizable tunes. He recorded a number of critically successful albums that didn’t sell and he discovered a love of Latin music by the ’70’s. His nephew, Andre Fischer, was the drummer for the band Rufus and he did some orchestral arrangements for them. This project was his breakthrough as a an arranger and soon he was working for The Jacksons, Earl Klugh, The Debarges, Shot-gun and Atlantic Star. His work on Prince’s Parade album is probably his most high-profile project from the ’80’s and it also gave him his first film credit. Fischer continued to write, perform and work as a jazz educator up until his death. Last year’s Continuum is his most current recording.