Media Questions Of The Week



1. Was it really a bad move for Busta Rhymes to sign to Cash Money Records?

2. Did you know that Heavy D made has the distinction of being the first rapper to be addressed by a standing president during his funeral?

3. Isn’t it wack that the only reason Bill O’Reilly made a donation to Ludacris’ foundation after years of discord between them is because he and Luda roll in some of the same high-income social circles?

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@yah Uriah Ballenger
10 years ago

I’ll listen 2 a lil bit of Bustarhymes,but all of those guys are BLOODS I’M UP UNDER THE BLUE FLAG!! damn it boy!! THUGLIFE/THUGIMMORTAL ~2pac(@yah) Amaru(Uriah) Shakur(Ballenger) Phases(Tytyah)Solis(Uriah)Lunae(Ballenger)