Meet Doxi Jones

I love Kanye he really inspires me. Anyone who’s kind of taking on life with freedom inspires me.

Doxi Jones is a new pop artist out of San Francisco who grew-up with jazz musicians for parents and ‘80’s pop as her dominant muse. She got the proverbial record deal with SRC/Republic and she’s in the finishing stages of her Ladies Room EP and full-length debut Unashamed. So far, she has shared a few cover songs on Soundcloud from artists that have obviously influenced her. But the sum of her experiences with family, music education, life and the industry is driving the need to define and express her own personal voice.

How did you become an artist?

My parents are jazz musicians and it’s really just a part of the culture and legacy of my family to make music. I was really born into a tradition.

You’ve covered Prince, Blondie and the Eurhythmics all music of the 80’s. What is it about that time period that inspires you?

I think that pop music really came into its own at that time. It really kind of crystallized with other genres in the 80’s with Prince and these kinds of artists. I found it really natural.

Is there anyone among your contemporaries that inspires you?

I love Kanye he really inspires me. Anyone who’s kind of taking on life with freedom inspires me.

What were the most valuable things you learned from time spent at UC Berkley’s Youth music program and Stanford’s Youth Jazz program?

I really learned the basics. Music history, music theory, ear training all these kinds of things that make for a good musician and not just a personality. I really found the roots of my abilities in these programs.

What can we expect from the Ladies Room EP?

They’re all covers so it’s all my favorite songs over the past years. Sonically it’s electronic it’s pop music kind of a dub-steppy European tint to it throughout kind of a condensed version of what you’ll hear on the album.

The Ladies Room EP will available for download from her official site in December.