Throwback: Brenda and The Tabulations -Let’s Go All The Way Down



Brenda Payton, Eddie L. Jackson, Maurice Coates and Jerry Jones got together in 1966 and became Brenda & The Tabulations. The Philadelphia group released their first album, Dry Your Eyes in 1967. The album was mostly cover songs but “Dry Your Eyes” and “Just Once In A Lifetime” were written by the group and the former managed to secure pop and R&B chart success. In 1971 they would have another chart presence with “Right On The Tip Of My Tongue” written by Van McCoy from their second self-titled album. I Keep Coming Back For More was released in 1977 and it was their third and final album. “Let’s Go All The Way Down” did well with international club crowds and the album was one of the better examples of disco. The group disbanded in the ’80’s but a 12-inch of “Don’t Give Up On Love” was released in 1987. Brenda Payton passed away in 1992 and Eddie Jackson passed in 2010. The group was reintroduced into pop culture when Unilever licensed “The Wash” for an Axe commercial this year.