Throwback: Yahzarah-Same Page


Yahzarah is a Washington, D.C. bred soprano who broke into the music industry in 2000 as a back-up singer and opening act for Erykah Badu. “Feel Me” was her first single to come out in 2001 on the Keo Music Records label. Hear Me was her debut album that emerged in 2002 and it contained the two singles, “Love Is You” and “Natural.” Two years later her sophomore effort Blackstar would come out on the Three Keys label. “Same Page” is from the Blackstar project but the singles included “Wishing,” “Blackstar” and “One Day.” The Foreign Exchange featured her on “Sincere” from their 2005 album Connected. In 2008 she created The Prelude which was an EP of eight songs that she promoted by touring with Chaka Khan, R.Kelly, The Roots and Musiq. The Ballad of Purple St. James was released in 2010 on Foreign Exchange Music. Yahzarah has made videos for “The Tickler,”Why Dontcha Call Me No More,” “Cry Over You” and “Love Come Save The Day.”