Throwback: Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)-Captain Rapp


Larry Earl Glenn aka Captain Rapp was inspired to start rapping when he attended a celebration party for Magic Johnson in 1981 and saw Disco Daddy perform. The two combined forces and were eventually signed to the indie label Rappers Rapp Disco Rapp Company owned by the father and son team of Jerry and Duffy Hooks. “Gigolo Rapp” was a minor hit in Los Angeles and possibly the first time a Rick James song was sampled in hip-hop. Glenn broke away from Disco Daddy and recorded “Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)” for the Saturn label in 1983. A chance meeting with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’s manager on the street was a catalyst for getting them in the studio to produce the track with Rich Cason. Kimberly Ball is the singer who provided the vocals for what is considered to be the West Coast version of “The Message.” Captain Rapp’s recording career stunted after “Bad Times” with him doing an updated version of the song in 1992 and disappearing from the scene.