Doctah B. Sirius Champions Health from a Holistic Perspective


Los Angeles – If anyone can testify to the merits of holistic, herbal healing it is Doctah B. Sirius. The Grammy nominated music producer at one time almost succumbed to the effects of life in the fast lane. With a diagnosis that his system was shutting down per an over indulgence of fast food, alcohol and drugs, Doctah B knew he had to act fast if he wanted to continue living.

Today, Doctah B. Sirius is not only an in-demand music producer (he’s produced India Irie, George Clinton, Keb Mo, B.B. King, George Duke, El Debarge, Herb Alpert, Will Calhoun and Ron Isley) but also a well-respected holistic practitioner who can consult on the merits of herbal healing from a first hand basis. As a prominent natural health professional and master herbalist, he has tapped into a familial tradition with roots in ancient Africa, India and America.

After meeting with several herbalists, nutritionists and natural health practitioners, Doctah B began not only using herbal medicines but creating his own formulas. He changed his lifestyle, began using plant-based nutrition, and within a short time, turned his health crisis around transitioning into radiant health. Now he is on a mission to enhance the life of others.

As the co-founder of Elevation Foundation For Abundant Life, a beautiful, natural health boutique and research/educational facility in Los Angeles, Doctah B. provides a plethora of plant-based medicinals that lead toward holistic healing. Specializing in the eradication of systemic parasites and toxins from the body, his Doctah B’s Total Body Paracleanse Program has consistently remained his most demanded product for 15 years now.

Parasites are one of the leading causes of illness in the world, along with dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, toxins and stress. They change the body’s internal chemistry and interfere with natural functions. Parasites absorb nutrition, make homes (cysts), lay eggs, deposit waste and cause organ failure. Chronic infestation weakens our natural defenses, inhibits hormones, digestion and elimination, causes malnutrition, inflammation, and can even change the normal thinking factors of the host. In addition to causing several illnesses, parasites prevent the body from healing from other diseases they may not have caused. Countless physical and psychological health challenges result from infestation.

Doctah B’s Total Body Paracleanse Program is a unique formula that combines traditional African, Asian, East Indian, South American and Native American herbs. An easy-to-take regimen of mostly liquid tonics, The Total Body program helps detoxify and balance the total body system by energizing, rejuvenating and providing nutrition to all the organs while helping the body get rid of disease causing parasites. Doctah B recommends seasonal healing sessions.

“I think it’s amazing how many people have serious health challenges and seek expensive treatment but are still sick. Why is there no talk about natural health care plans in the discussions about health care? I’m not blind to the great advances modern medicine has made in some areas. Surgery, emergency care, diagnosis, and other forms of treatment have come a long way. But the medical business seems to fall short when it comes down to prevention, nutrition, detoxification and this age-old parasite issue,” reflects Doctah B.

“It will be great when western medicine and natural therapies join forces to create the balanced system of health that we all need. Until that time we must stop covering up symptoms. We must make better choices by doing our own research and considering natural therapies that go to the root causes of illness.”

About Doctah B. Sirius

Doctah B has attended The Artist Collective of Hartford CT, UCLA, University of Hartford – Ward College of Technology, and The Balanced Living Center of Southern California. He has studied natural health, ethno-nutrition, herbology, plant based nutrition, educational instruction, electronics, music theory, audio engineering, and the processes of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. His life experiences, research, and creative skills have helped him become an educator at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA Extension). He has done countless radio interviews, been featured on major television news programs in the southern California area and has been quoted in Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and several other publications.

For more information about Doctah B. Sirius and his Doctah B.’s Total Body Paracleanse Program, drop by his office at The Elevation Foundation For Abundant Life is located at 5412 W. Pico Blvd in Los Angeles. Reach the health and gift boutique at (323) 931-1212.