Throwback: M.O.P.-Ante Up



Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze are the Brownsville, Brooklyn hip-hop duo M.O.P. which stands for Mash Out Posse. Their group is named after the gang they started called Mash Out People. The ’92 compilation The Hill That’s Real was their first recording and it preceded their ’93 single “How About Some Hardcore” that was featured on the “House Party 3” soundtrack. The official debut came in ’94 with the DR Period produced To The Death. M.O.P.’s brazen delivery earned them respect from underground hip-hop fans and their peers.Two years later they signed with Relativity Records and released their sophomore album Firing Squad. Over the next two years they released the Handle Ur Bizness EP and First Family 4 Life album that became the most stolen release at HMV stores in New York City. “Ante Up” was their breakthrough single from 2000’s Warriorz album that got them heard on mainstream radio. The follow-up single “Cold As Ice” also received time on the national airwaves. When Loud Records went out of business in 2002 the group was without a recording home and a Greatest Hits collection, 10 Years And Gunnin’ was released by parent label Sony. Roc-A Fella Records signed them but the band left the label after recording three albums that were all shelved. They stayed busy during the time they were without a label and released two mixtapes and a self-titled rock collaboration with the band Shiner Massive. A short stay with G-Unit Records followed in 2005 and Ghetto Warfare was released in 2006. Foundation was their fifth album and it went on sale in 2009 on the E1/Koch imprint. BrownsVILLAINZ is their sixth anticipated album and its release date is TBA.