Los Angeles’ Washington Preparatory High School Brings Shakespeare To the Hood


Los Angeles – When Melanie Andrews, the director of arts for Washington Preparatory High School, talks about the performing skills of her students, her commitment and passion is evident. With summer approaching and the waning state of the economy, she notes that many of her students will have nowhere to go. As a native of Los Angeles’ inner city herself, she knows first hand that the call of the streets will beckon many of them. But not if she can help it.

Andrews is launching a free Shakespeare Summer Academy Program on July 11, 2011 that will bring Shakespearean theater to the community! Her recent successful production of “Romeo and Juliet,” supported by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts at Washington Preparatory High proves that she is definitely on to something.

Award winning actor/director Harry Lennix has committed to the program along with dozens of actors from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts who will provide professional mentorships. Additional partners for the program include Alfred Johnson and the World Literary Crusade.

Students displaying exceptional merits will be awarded cash scholarships. The summer camp project starts July 11 and runs daily for a month, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 p.m. at Washington Preparatory High School. In addition to acting, vocal, dance and music classes will be held. The program is college preparatory with emphasis on auditioning for film and television as well.

Explains Andrews, “I am excited about this project because not only does it give these wonderful kids a chance to perform the work of the great William Shakespeare, but we are providing a much needed vehicle for their creative energy during the summer months!”

Washington Preparatory High School is located at 10860 Denker Avenue in Los Angeles. The school has been acknowledged as an “Arts Banner High School” by the Los Angeles’ district Arts Program.

There is space for fifty students to attend and enrollment at Washington Preparatory High School is not a requirement. To apply send short letter of interest to Melanie Andrews at hubcityarts@yahoo.com or just come to Washington Prep on July 11th at 1:00 p.m. to fill out application. Andrews can also be reached at (310)766-8296.