Rondo Impacts the Rap Game with New CD “The Antidote”


Los Angeles – When Ron Valentine aka Rondo speaks, there is an intensity behind his thoughts that dominates every word. As the product of San Francisco’s stone cold streets, birthed from the union between a pimp and dope fiend, his very existence is a testimony to the power of what can be and not what should have been. We can’t help but acknowledge the alchemy that changed his once desolate landscape into a vision nurtured with unlimited possibility. Rondo has risen like a phoenix from the gutter and “The Antidote,” the new CD from his label, Crucial Records, is the soundtrack detailing a tale of redemption that embraces us all.

Offered as a vehicle to motivate and uplift, “The Antidote” could have been another rap CD layered with meaningless gangsta’ bravado. But “The Antidote” is a bold resurrection intended to impact the listener toward a new direction. As a masterful storyteller who escaped the harsh realities of drugs, abuse and self-destruction, Rondo is here to breath new life and reality into a world riddled with loss and empty materialism. “The Antidote” is the answer to a rap scene littered with lies. “The Antidote” is about healing the Mental and Spiritual self, bringing about a new consciousness and one truth.

“I want people to know that within all of us lies the capability to change any and every aspect of our own reality,” explains Rondo. “Plain and simple, I am not supposed to be here. As a product of my reality, I should be in jail or dead. But I transcended that notion, and we all can.”

“The Antidote” is ten tracks strong and supported by Rondo’s YouTube channel at It is here that one can further grasp the essence behind this artist in a revealing series of monologues intermingled with music from the new release.

Rondo was first inspired by the rap game after hearing The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight,” and Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message.” His talent was uncovered in 1990 by the platinum producer Crazy Rak, the producer for Too Short. Rondo’s raw talent and insatiable rhyming skills impressed Rak, and Rondo launched his career recording tracks on the compilation album, “On The Real Tip.” Since making his debut, Rondo has continued to attract legions of supporters around the world. Citing California rap legend Kam as a major influence on his career, Rondo has collaborated with hip hop giants such as Melle Mel, Tupac, Kam and Spice1.

Rondo intimately knows the world of violence, drugs, and misogyny but this rising king of “conscious rap” will never glorify such demons. His mission is to stimulate the planet by creating music that agitates toward elevation. “The Antidote” is a bold testimonial from an artist who paved his own way to manhood and is not ashamed to reveal his laborious path. With “Pain,” Rondo urges listeners to acknowledge the lessons life may bring to bear for the stepping stones they are. Rondo spits knowledge on “Compassion,” admonishing the need for more empathy toward our fellow man. On “I’m Guilty,” Rondo shows us a softer side rocking R&B and rap as he touches our heart with professions of genuine romantic love.

“Only until you know who you are, can you learn to appreciate and love self. So, having said that, we need to know our true value, not the nothingness we have been taught we are! If we can learn that life is the most precious gift one could ever have in this world, then and only then will we treat each other with the utmost respect. The most profound statement that I could ever make to any individual would be…Learn your worth and hopefully “The Antidote” serves to bring this message home,” reveals Rondo.

“The Antidote” is a potent remedy for what is ailing in society today and Rondo is definitely the cure ready to deliver us from ourselves. Get a dose at,, or wherever digital music is sold.

“The Antidote” record release party will be held on Friday, July 1st, from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. at 3785 West Cahuenga Blvd. in North Hollywood, CA.

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