Fiction Author Madison Taylor Returns with “Scattered Lies III “


New York – It’s not often that a new author can hold a reader’s attention through a series of separate releases, yet fiction writer Madison Taylor; the mastermind behind “Scattered Lies I” and “Scattered Lies II” has managed to do just that! With the creation of her literary trilogy from Influential Writers Publishing, she has cultivated a mounting fan base that is quickly developing into a cult following. Taylor will finally quench the curiosity of swelling inquiries when she releases “Scattered Lies III” on July 1, 2011, culminating the surging suspense created with her two previous novels.

Developing her storyline on the concept that success built on a foundation of lies is not really success at all, Taylor has compellingly intertwined the lives of five successful urbanites to create an intriguing tale of suspense, passion and mind-boggling plot twists. Where “Scattered Lies I” initiated the theme of “Where lies are the reality of the truth” and “Scattered Lies II” followed up with “Lessons can’t be learned when lies prevail,” “Scattered Lies III” drives the point home with “The Truth Finally.”

In “Scattered Lies III” the five protagonists, chameleon Denise Taylor; rap icon, Tony Flowers; the sophisticated Gabrielle Brightman, pop diva Christina Carrington and the gorgeous young Morgan Marciano continue with their separate but intersecting lives, finally coming to terms with their masked actions of dishonesty and deceit. Madison cunningly immerses us into a world rich in urban fantasy while driving home inescapable life lessons. “Scattered Lies III” drips with drama, dances with danger and rivets with retributions as one by one; truth uncovers a trail of viciously scattered deceptions, destroying everything in its path.

“There comes a time in our lives when redemption is the only chance of salvation,” conveys Taylor, “and for our beloved characters in the Scattered Lies series, ‘Scatter Lies III’ is the climactic conclusion to situations that finally had to play themselves out. My readers have patiently waited and anxiously anticipated ‘Scattered Lies III’ and they will not be disappointed. By the same token, new readers will be able to come on board with ‘Scattered Lies III’ and still enjoy a great story as well as get the lesson.”

Madison Taylor, a native of Bronx, NY, has consistently displayed an ability to explore and exploit the demons of human nature in a realm of seemingly everyday life. With a B.A. in criminal justice and currently in graduate school obtaining a MPA in Public Administration at Ashford University, her characters seep into our own worlds and come alive with their day-to-day dilemmas. Madison Taylor writes like an insider who knows what tangled webs we weave behind the pretenses of truth. She is currently working on her next novel

In “Scattered Lies III” revelations initiate events that alter, and even end the lives of those involved. This tumbling of the house deceit will echo thunderously ending this trilogy with one last stand. But for Madison Taylor its just the beginning as there is no doubt “Scattered Lies III” will leave readers clamoring for more!

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