Develop Culture Announces Sponsorship of the New Kunsthalle Detroit Museum with More Sponsors Needed


Develop Culture today announced their support and sponsorship of Detroit’s newest museum, the Kunsthalle Detroit, a museum of multi-media and light-based arts and the first of its kind in the United States, and asks more companies to step-up and do the same.

Opening its’ doors on June 10, 2011, the Kunsthalle Detroit showcases an expansive array of light-based artworks from around the globe while providing resources and support for U.S. artists of light-based mediums.

“It is an honor to support the Kunsthalle Detroit”, states Coco Loren of Develop Culture. “This museum was conceived and developed with private money and passion in order to expand the arts and culture into neighborhoods most in need. It is a remarkable example of the power of one person to change a city,” says Loren of Kunsthalle Detroit’s founding Director, Tate Osten.

The museum’s inaugural exhibition called” Time and Place” is specific to Detroit and the time for critical change in the city. Visitors to the Museum will see light-images and selected works from the past 20 years in multimedia and video arts from internationally recognized artists in the contemporary art world. Headphones are located at each screen projection so that visitors can listen to the sound tracks while viewing each work of art separately.

“With the population of the city at its lowest point in 20 years, the city can only be saved by welcoming artists into the city and establishment of arts communities and culture,” says Osten of her vision for the local community and the City of Detroit. “This Museum brings the best in contemporary multimedia art as catered to the local population. It is ultimately a revolutionary action, bringing international art forces to Detroit. In the near future we envision multimedia and light projects splashing from within the museum onto the streets of Detroit, making life and art inseparable.”

“The museum is not only the latest gem for the city, but an investment for the future of Detroit and its cultural community,” states Coco Loren of Develop Culture. “Investment in arts and culture is the key factor for re-gentrification of a city. Detroit must realize that its current brand as the “motor city” will not sustain its communities long-term on its own. What is needed is development of additional brands via investment in the arts and culture to attract corporate investment from vast industries. From Eminem to the new Kunsthalle Museum, the city of Detroit must openly support the arts and culture for all of its citizens, and incorporate its past while moving into its future.”

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