“Hiding in Hip Hop” Author Terrance Dean Prepares to Set the Industry On Fire With New Book Release MOGUL: A Novel


New York – On April 4th, music producer and popular New York DJ personality Mister Cee was arrested for sexual lewd acts with a man. On April 17th, “straight” rapper Lil B sent the Hip Hop world into a frenzy when he announced plans to title his upcoming album, “I’m Gay.” Then on May 15th, CNN’s beloved news anchor, Don Lemon ‘came out’ and went public revealing he’s gay. But on June 14th, when entertainment industry insider and best-selling author Terrance Dean releases his anxiously anticipated debut novel MOGUL (Atria Books Original Paperback – June 2011; $15) these revelations will all make sense.

Though fictional, MOGUL goes deep inside Hip Hop to reveal just how rampant homosexuality reigns in an industry that on the surface purports hyper-masculinity as its calling card. MOGUL follows Aaron “Big A.T.” Tremble, a young music icon, as he juggles money, fame, women and running a record label, while indulging in a clandestine relationship with his hot superstar artist, the sexy hunk, Tickman. MOGUL gives readers the inner behind-the-scenes moves of a community of down low and gay industry companions, known as ‘the family,’ who support and propel Big A.T. as Hip Hop’s most beloved producer.

MOGUL is the explosive factor that ties together the recent rash of real life homosexual media reveals. Society is not as ‘straight’ as it seems!

Terrance Dean

A rollercoaster read MOGUL will incite speculation as Dean paints a true-to-life portrait of the entertainment business and its many personalities. His larger-than-life characters hint at real life celebrities. The drama reads like the events of today’s fast paced headlines. And the sex sizzles off the pages. Dean’s debut fiction release centers him as a novelist grounded in the game. Interestingly, amid the excitement, passion and suspense, Dean writes with truth and sincerity that evokes compassion for his characters. He keeps the reader entertained, while at the same time dispelling the many misaligned preconceptions about what one thinks they know about not only the entertainment business, but the world of men who love men.

Dean’s Hiding In Hip Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry from Music to Hollywood(Atria Books – May 2008) tore the lid off the down low culture within the testosterone-driven world of Hip Hop. Uncovering a secret dimension in a world notorious for its larger-than-life masculine swagger, Dean bravely unmasked elements of a prominent gay sub-culture within the confines of Hip Hop. The book was a memoir which freed the author as he came to terms with his own sexuality.

Dean has since solidified his stance as a no-holds-barred gay author. His book, Straight, From Your Gay Best Friend – The Straight Up Truth About Work, Relationships, and Having a Fabulous Life! (Agate Bolden Books – October 2010), and advice column with the same name at www.HelloBeautiful.com, have since endeared him to an audience that recognizes he keeps it real at all costs. On the surface, it may seem sensationalistic, but his pure intentions for self-liberation, self-love, and self-worth are always right beneath the surface. In fact, his first book, Reclaim Your Power! A 30-Day Guide to Hope, Healing and Inspiration for Men of Color(Random House/Villard – May 2003) laid the foundation for the journey Terrance Dean finds himself traveling with his work. His third book. Visible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute to E. Lynn Harris (Kensington/Dafina Books – May 2010) for his dear friend and mentor, New York Times best-selling celebrated gay author, the late E. Lynn Harris, further showcased his commitment and stance as a writer dedicated to a community that will continue to be heard and acknowledged.

“‘MOGUL’ is a story that I’ve wanted to tell for a long time, and I’m happy it’s finally being told. There are many gay men and women in the entertainment industry who silently work behind the scenes without recognition. As someone who has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade, I feel people have a misconstrued and delusional idea of what celebrities lives are like, and what the industry is like,” reveals Dean.

“I want to invite readers into this world of power, seduction, and fame showing at what costs, and length, a person will go to rise to the top. Besides, I also feel it’s important we start a serious conversation and dialogue about homophobia in Hip Hop, and within the Black community. We’ve done so much when it comes to repealing, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ in the military. I feel it’s time to repeal the same within the entertainment industry, particularly amongst Black celebrities who are afraid to come out for fear of backlash,” adds Dean. “Its no longer about ‘hiding in hip hop.’ Its time to bring it all out.”

Terrance Dean is hosting two forums in support of the release of MOGUL. The panels, “Young, Black, Gifted and Gay…Powerful Men In The Entertainment Industry,” will be in New York on Tuesday, June 14 at the Center For Fiction, 17 East 47th Street, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; and in Atlanta on Thursday, June 29 at Outwrite Bookstore, 991 Piedmont Avenue, Northeast, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.