Vakill Releases Armor Of God June 14th


Ever since his debut classic The Darkest Cloud (2003), Vakill has garnered a loyal fan base for his lyricism and choice beat selection. His sophomore follow up Worst Fears Confirmed (2006) solidified him as an emcee that could create cohesive albums with a strong theme.

Vakill’s knack for clever entendres, vivid descriptions and mastery of lexicon has ensured that he kept his fans unwavering allegiance in-between projects and now the long wait is finally over, as after being heavily anticipated for almost five-years, the third-installment of Vakill’s Molemen legacy, Armor Of God, is finally upon us; and as Panik laments the delay in-between projects will be to the fan’s benefit “This album was a labor of hard work and love for music and I hope our listeners hear that. In between working on this project we went through a lot of trials and tribulations, personally and musically, all of which really shaped this album. We had one common goal in crafting this album and that was making a quality LP; and we did that.”

Armor Of God’s production, handled by Panik, Memo, Jake One, Bluntologist & Joe Blow, provides a cinematic sound for Vakill’s intense outpouring of lyricism. Fellow rappers Juice, Rhymefest, Crooked I (Slaughterhouse), Nino Bless, Astonish, & Vizion lend their talents for those rare collaborative efforts.

Armor Of God sounds epic, and it is, being that the title alludes to standing up against the wiles of the devil, whether artistic, political or spiritual as Vakill bluntly states “Armor Of God is a testament to our resilience. I have the oldest rap gimmick known to man; it’s called bars! I wanted to show how you can be a rappers rapper and still keep a balance between real life issues, concepts and story lines.”

In the spirit of the times, there’s an undeniable war going on that requires one to suit up and do battle. With absolute conviction, Vakill proves that even in an upside down kingdom, the crown doesn’t move.

Tracklisting and credits for Vakill’s Armor Of God:

1. Intro
2. Hi Ate Us (produced by Panik)
3. Armor of God (produced by Jake One)
4. Mean Mug Muzik (produced by Panik)
5. Sick Cinema (produced by Panik)
6. Heavy (produced by Panik)
7. Endless Road f/Vizion (produced by Bluntologist)
8. The Apology (produced by Joe Blow)
9. Wild Wild (produced by Bluntologist)
10. Beast Ballad f/Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice & Nino Bless (produced by Panik)
11. NWA (produced by Panik)
12. You Don’t Know f/Astonish (produced by Panik)
13. I Came for U (produced by Panik)
14. Armorgeddon (produced by Jake One)
15. A Lynched Legacy (produced by Memo)
16. Bi-Polar (produced by Panik)
17. Proof (produced by Jake One)