Throwback: Today-Him Or Me



Today started as The Gents in 1984 with members Bernard Belle, Larry McCain, Frederick Lee “Bubba” Drakeford, Ronald Scruggs and William McNeir. They met Teddy Riley and he changed the lineup by eliminating Scruggs and adding Larry Singletary. He got them a deal with MCA but they ended-up on Motown because Jheryl Busby who was the head of urban music moved to Motown. “Him or Me” was their first single and it did well by reaching number three on the R&B charts. “Girl I Got My Eyes On You” did even better by earning a number one spot. The New Formula was their second full-length and it generated three songs; “Why You Get Funky On Me,” “I Got The Feeling” and “I Wanna Come Back Home.” Today disbanded soon after their second album and Big Bub started a solo career and released three albums between 1992 and 2000. Bernard Belle is the brother of singer Regina Belle and together with Teddy Riley they created New Jack Swing. He is an award-winning producer and songwriter who has worked for Whitney Houston and Patti LaBelle among others. Belle’s services are regularly sought after by the R&B and gospel industries.