Hip Hop Goes Sacred, “Keys to the Inner Sanctum” Released Digitally


Hollywood, CA – When Courtney Branch seemingly exited the music business over ten years ago it was a move engineered to save his life. A multi-platinum, Grammy nominated record producer and one of the original behind-the-scenes pioneers of the West Coast hip hop music scene, his career accomplishments sparkled while his personal health was quickly on the demise. Given just a short to time to live by his doctor, his health was failing miserably. A life of fast times, including drugs, round the clock studio hours and a diet of junk food, had proven to be a sad trade for a resume that boasted writing, producing and performing with artists the likes of LA Dream Team, Shanice Wilson, DJ Quik, AMG, Second II None, Boss and Living Colour. With a diagnosis that foretold ‘last days,’ Branch knew he had to change his life.

Doctah B. Sirius (far right) co-wrote “Dance for Me” and “You Had Me at Hello” on Ron Isley’s new CD “Mr. I.”
Pictured left to right: co-writer, Jon Nettlesbey, Ron Isley, co-writer, Greg Curtis and co-writer, Doctah B. Sirius.
Today, Branch is still forever the musical whiz. India Irie, George Clinton, Keb Mo, BB King, George Duke, El Debarge, Shalimar, Herb Alpert, Will Calhoun and most recently Ron Isley are just a sampling of the artists he works with. But after surviving his health challenge, he recreated himself and is now known and recognized as Doctah B Sirius.

As one the most sought after professionals in his field, Doctah B. Sirius combines ancient music tradition with a fresh approach and signature rhythms. After taking a much needed health hiatus, his production work on India Arie’s album Testimonies: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship was nominated for a Grammy and his career was jump-started and back on track, but this time, with a new attitude and from an innovative and wholistic perspective.

Doctah B is now a world renowned natural healer and teacher, having commandeered the multi-faceted realms of therapy under his wide scope of observation. A mind scientist, herbalist, motivational speaker, producer, composer and master percussionist, he is a modern day sage with tales of hope and inspiration for the coming new age. Having restored himself to health after studying herbal medicine, nutrition and metaphysics, he not only lives to tell about it, but to teach about it, through music, natural health, herbs, talk and the power of thought and the subconscious mind.

The recent digital release of “Keys to the Inner Sanctum” is an expressive testimony to the power of his sound therapy healing with a taste of soul. A production from him and sacred musician and master healer, Akahdahmah, a fifth generation Plant and Spirit Medicine Man, the duo teamed up to form Herban Shamen and create music that they deem “medicine music,” that which induces the listener to travel to spaces deep within.

“Keys to the Inner Sanctum” is a beauty filled, mystical journey that expands spiritual awareness into a space of feeling one with God. Sacred instrumentation utilizing the djun-djun, el-bey, djembe, congas, Udu pots, mbira, bamboo flutes, harmonic Diamantine crystals, shakers, cow bells, cosmic keyboards, mystical guitars and Tibetan singing bowls magically carry the listener to a soothing place of beyond, where modern merges with tribal.

“Hip hop is a movement,” clarifies Doctah B., “and that said, it is time that we, as the pioneers of this movement, begin to move the music beyond the madness. It is a must if we want to live and elevate our lives. Fast living got me Grammy nominations and a pocket full of money, none of which was gonna serve me if I was no longer here. I was diagnosed with multiple systems failure and my physical life was shutting down. I had to come to the realization that it is only by connecting with a Higher Power that we become a higher power.”

“‘Keys to the Inner Sanctum’ is a formulation of harmonic remedies expressed through rhythm and word. These inspired rhythms are the movements of sacred sound currents given to us to transmit. In each recording session we were guided to arrange sound currents for aligning the body and mind with Divine Laws. The listener is transported to the inner sanctum where they experience the knowledge of our Oneness with the Source of life, revealing the path to health, wealth, joy and peace,” offers Akahdahmah.

“Keys to the Inner Sanctum” is an offering of eight celestial tracks that unlock the path to the All. “Breath,” “Convergence,” “Awakening,” and “Womb Portal,” are a sampling of the titles that serve as navigational guides into the mind, body and spirit connection.

“‘Keys to the Inner Sanctum’ is a divine gift of Universal Love,” adds Doctah B. “But,” he notes, “its still funky y’all!”

“Keys to the Inner Sanctum” can be heard and purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/herbanshamen and is available on Itunes, Amazon.com and wherever digital music is sold. For more information on Doctah B. Sirius, tune in at www.ElevationTime.com and for Akahdahmah tune in at http://www.AkahHerbs.com .