Happy Birthday J. Dilla!



Today is J.Dilla’s 37th birthday and Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins’ documentary “Still Shining” is a tribute to his musical light that glows and will continue to radiate forever. Listen to Q-Tip, Phat Kat, Erykah Badu and others share their thoughts on Dilla’s life and legacy. Phat Kat wonders why Dilla never achieved the recognition deserving of this talent and we all know why. J.Dilla was a hip-hop purist and a dedicated artist. He was not an industry type person. I recall a story of when Q-Tip forced him to go to the Grammys and Dilla’s discomfort with the event. It has also been written that big name pop artists wanted his services but he turned down the offers because he could only make music that he could truly feel. The big-name producers and rappers who make those compromises will automatically have more open roads into mainstream recognition. But the truth is that many if not all of those big name producers were aware of Dilla’s mastery. The documentary is a sweet remembrance of a man who left a hole in music that he could only fill. I just wish that Atkins had proofread “Moni Love” and “Tanacious” before the final cut.