MJFELA vs. The AfroBeatles: Say Say Say


Rich Medina, The Marksmen, AfroStreet Records and MJFELA.COM present:

the prequel to The King Meets The President in Africa:

The AfroBeatles: FELA meets the Boys from Liverpool (The Black & White Album)

If Michael Jackson is The King of Pop, and Fela Kuti is The King of Afrobeat, then the Beatles are of course, the Kings of Rock & Roll. Dominating the music industry as a band, composers, performers and activists, The Beatles are icons of Rock & Roll, known as the best band ever. AfroStreet once again takes a bold move into remix/mashup territory bringing masters of entirely unrelated genres together in an epic blend just in time for the worldwide HD broadcast of FELA! Live from The National Theatre in London on January 13th. Check out this MJFELA vs AfroBeatles mix of “Say, Say, Say” and then experience The AfroBeatles: FELA meets the Boys from Liverpool at AfroBeatles.com | @afrobeatles