Throwback: Sherrick-Just Call


Sherrick was a native of Sacramento California and briefly a member of the group Kagney and the Dirty Rats. Their deal with Motown was made possible because group member Cliff Liles’ mother is Raynoma Gordy-Singleton who was once married to Berry Gordy. When Motown lost interest in them Singleton managed to get Sherrick signed to Warner Brothers through her association with Benny Medina. His solo album Just Call was released in 1987 and it had two songs to make the UK charts. The title track and “Let’s Be Lovers Tonight” made a small ripple in the USA and UK marketplace but the entire album became essential to diehard R & B fans. Plans for a second album were aborted when the singer disappeared with the advance money because of a long-term drug problem. Sherrick was preparing a comeback with new songs in 1999 when he suddenly passed of unknown causes.