Kickmag’s 2010 Racist Incidents In Music



The continued hatred of Kanye West stemming from his ’09 outburst at the MTV Video Awards where his interruption of Taylor Swift made her more popular. Not until his performance of the conciliatory “Runaway” at the VMAs did the mainstream feel comfortable with him again.


Q-Tip losing the Best Rap Album at The Grammys when the most diehard of Eminem fans admitted that Relapse did not measure up to the quality of an album like The Eminem Show and the underground single “Living Proof” with Royce Da 5′ 9″.


The Soul Train Awards giving the Best Hip- Song Award to Eminem instead of Rick Ross when it is well known that Ross’s album was heavy on the radio, in clubs and neighborhoods of America. Eminem’s album was pop-oriented.