Urban Fiction Author Madison Taylor Re-releases “Scattered Lies I & II”


New York – Everyone once in a while a story teller emerges on the scene with the capacity to weave a web so entangled; you can actually see the characters, feel the warmth of their breath and experience their reality as if it was your own! Such is the case with one of the newest authors on the scene, Madison Taylor. With the creation of her fictional literary trilogy, “Scattered Lies” from Influential Writers Publishing, she has developed a burgeoning fan base that is fervently waiting in limbo for her next book release, “Scattered Lies III.”

In anticipation of “Scattered Lies III,” Madison has re-released “Scattered Lies I” and “Scattered Lies II” as a two volume special. Serving up tantalizing suspense, fiery passion and astonishing plot twists, Madison’s “Scattered Lies” series will enmesh readers in a tale as consuming as a blazing fire!

Madison Taylor introduces us to four characters with four separate lives, chameleon Denise Taylor; rapper, Tony Flowers; the sophisticated Gabrielle Brightman and the gorgeous young Morgan Marciano. Their paths cross at the common ground of deceit bringing them together in a whirlwind of unpredictable events. Each of them gets a taste of the hard lesson that success built on a foundation of lies is not really success at all. Taylor capably spins a unhinged tale of intrigue where not only are appearances deceiving, but lies are deadly, decisions can be dangerous and dreams are destroyed!

Madison Taylor, a native of Bronx, NY, demonstrates a delicious knack for delving into the decadence of others. Her characters pulsate with drama as their lives reflect dilemmas that warrant second guesses as well as second reads. With a B.A. in criminal justice and currently in graduate school obtaining a MPA in Business Management at John Jay College in New York, Madison executes with a writing style that aptly delivers the goods.

As Taylor conveys “I was tired of reading the same stories over and over again and eventually decided my work would bring to the public a creative twist to contemporary urban fiction. I want readers to read “Scattered Lies” and take in the spirit of each character. My characters are real in my mind. It is my goal to convincingly convey each one on the page. They are compelling companions, though wicked gluttons to their own personal happiness and success. In several instances they are not unlike people we may know in real life.”

Inspired by bestsellers Jackie Collins, Terri Woods, James Patterson and even Nancy Drew, Taylor seduces her readers with a writing style that is clean, clear and classic. She paints each scenario with a decidedly defined style, engaging you deeper and deeper in the lives of her characters. While “Scattered Lies I” established the storyline and surprised you with unexpected conclusions, “Scattered Lies II” expanded on the plot and stirred deeper into the chaos introducing another character, Ms. Christina Carrington.

As the culmination to a tumultuous turn of unexpected events, Madison is promising that “Scattered Lies III” will unfold the final truths in the trilogy. “I’m so appreciative to have my first works so well received. I get emails inquiring about the characters in anticipation of the release of ‘Scattered Lies III.’ As an author, to know that I have captivated my readers and engaged their imaginations is one of the biggest satisfactions.”

Meet Madison Taylor online and secure your copies of “Scattered Lies I” and “Scattered Lies II” at http://www.iammadisontaylor.com and http://www.Influentialwriterspublishing.com. “Scattered Lies I & II” are also available online wherever books are sold including Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.