Al Sharpton’s “The Education SuperHighway” to Premiere November 20

New York, NY — The nation’s parents and teachers have a new television show to call their very own. The Education SuperHighway, a non-partisan Sunday morning nationally-syndicated half-hour education themed news program will premiere on November 21st, concluding American Education Week. Hosted by Reverend Al Sharpton, The Education SuperHighway is a joint production of Sharpton Media Group and ESH Holdings, a New York-based new minority-owned multimedia company dedicated to providing public discussion of ongoing inequalities in education as well as health and civil liberties.

Said Rev. Sharpton, “Our children are engaged in a great global race to the top. Educational parity with the rest of the world is the key to our country’s long-term success as an economic, political and cultural competitor. We must convince parents, policymakers, and all concerned citizens, that this is a race we cannot afford to lose. It is my ambition that our Sunday morning broadcast be a forum for that very important discussion.”

The American education system is seen by many as broken and a shadow of its former self. They see an education system that spends hundreds of billions of dollars while churning out millions of unprepared students. What this viewpoint fails to appreciate is that the American education system includes hundreds of brilliant professionals, thousands of innovative teachers, and millions of hardworking and accomplished students. There are problems in the system, but there is no lack of success.

The Education SuperHighway, created and executive produced by award winning writer/producer Ruth Adkins Robinson and her producing partner Maurice P. James of Mojo Pictures, will focus on all aspects of the American education system. “The weekly magazine, information show format will provide the opportunity to take a penetrating look at the complex issues of the national report card –just how well we are doing in the critical job of educating America’s children,” Robinson said. “Important elements of the show include regional reports, probing interviews with policy makers, education from the youth point of view and a look at what’s working in neighborhoods and school systems all over the United States,” she continued. “On his weekly roundtable discussions, Rev. Sharpton will take a look at the political, business, and social leaders who shape the current education debate. This weekly half-hour has something for all the stakeholders in education.”

The November 21st broadcast of The Education SuperHighway is a special broadcast, which will be followed by a full season of shows beginning in late January 2011. This week New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, joins Rev. Sharpton and his special guest: Tamika Mallory, executive director of the National Action Network, in a round table discussion on school funding and parental involvement in school reform.

Celebrated the week prior to Thanksgiving, American Education Week began in 1921 with the National Education Association and the American Legion as cosponsors. The goal was to generate public awareness and support for education because of concerns over illiteracy. On November 16, 2010, President Barak Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation recognizing November 14 – November 20, 2010 as American Education Week.

The Education SuperHighway will air in over 60 million TV homes including major markets such as New York on WWOR, Los Angeles on KCOP, Chicago on WPWR, and Dallas-Ft Worth on KDFI.

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