Best-Selling Author Terrance Dean Gives it to Us “Straight From Your Gay Best Friend”


Los Angeles – In today’s society, every woman needs a gay best friend, someone who gives it to her straight, no chaser, about life, clothes, sex, and relationships. NeNe from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has her gay best friend, Dwight Eubanks. “Sex In The City” sweetheart, Carrie Bradshaw often turns to her gay best friend, Stanford, and “Will and Grace” set it off first detailing the symbiotic relationship between a woman and her gay best friend. From the inner-city to suburbia, the gay best friend – smart, sympathetic, and straight-talking – is who every woman needs in her life.

Best-selling author, Terrance Dean
But, just in case you are in need of some realistic advice and comfort and don’t have a gay best friend’s door to knock on or number to text, Terrance Dean is coming to the rescue with the release of his latest book, STRAIGHT FROM YOUR GAY BEST FRIEND – The Straight-Up Truth About Relationships, Work, and Having a Fabulous Life (Agate/Bolden – October 2010; $15). Known for his no holds barred delivery – Dean’s debut explosive memoir, HIDING IN HIP HOP – On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry From Music to Hollywood (Atria/Simon &Schuster – May 2008) became the runaway, most talked about, and most Googled book sensation of the year.

Dean’s newest book, Straight From Your Gay Best Friend, offers direct and to-the-point insights on some of life’s most challenging issues. Dean helps women discover the power they need for a life of abundant success, prosperity, and happiness with loving relationships. Straight From Your Gay Best Friend dispenses practical advice and tips on creating healthy relationships from a place of love. Dean is the quintessential gay best friend speaking candidly to women on healing their souls of past hurts in order to tap into their fabulousness. Be it family, friends, career, love, sex, and intimate relationships of all kinds, he dishes advice mixed with a little sass, wit, humor, forwardness, and spirituality as only a gay man can do.

As Dean candidly offers, “First and foremost, we are men. We know men. We know how we act, and what we will do in various situations. We’re the best ally for a woman who needs advice on her relationships and love life. Trust me, we are not going to steer women wrong. We can also be that go-to person for a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and the straight truth about everything. We’re not in competition with our good girlfriends, nor do we have an ulterior motive. We are not trying to sleep with our girlfriends, and we certainly won’t borrow your best fashions and not return them.”

Dean also dedicates a chapter to one of the most controversial topics – down-low gay men. He expresses, “Well, the down-low phenomenon is not just prevalent in the black community, but in all communities, including whites, Latinos, and Asians. Unfortunately, when people hear the term down-low, they associate it with the black community. I feel there should be more open discussions in all communities around sex and sexuality. We’re so afraid to have those discussions, though, that it’s crippling us – as a result, we have an alarming rate of HIV infection among women. People are scared to talk about gay sex, bisexuality, and down-low. If we talk about it then we have to admit it exists. As long as we avoid talking about it, we are keeping it in the closet, and we are keeping ourselves in the dark.”

As a contributing columnist/blogger for the website, Hello Beautiful, at with a regular feature entitled, “Straight From Your Gay Best Friend,” Terrance Dean is indeed an expert counselor. He dispenses advice on a weekly basis to an audience of thousands of fans and he is the virtual “Dear Abby” for an international Hip Hop audience.

Author, speaker, educator, advice columnist, the Detroit native, now residing in Los Angeles, Terrance Dean continues to make waves as an advocate for change and empowerment. Having come to terms with himself in a homophobic culture he has positioned himself as a vanguard, always pushing the envelope.

He conceived the idea and concept for a tribute book, VISIBLE LIVES: Three Stories in Tribute to E. Lynn Harris (Dafina/Kensington – May 2010), for his dear friend and mentor, New York Times best-selling author, the late E. Lynn Harris. Dean also worked with MTV Networks helping to produce live award shows and events including MTV Video Music Awards, Movie Awards, Hip Hop Honors, Rock Honors, Sports & Music Festival, and Choose or Lose. He is the founder/creator of Men’s Empowerment, Inc. and co-creator of The Gathering of Men with Adeyemi Bandele, the ex-husband of Iyanla Vanzant. He is also the author of RECLAIM YOUR POWER! A 30-Day Guide to Hope, Healing, and Inspiration for Men of Color (Random House/Villard – May 2003).

STRAIGHT FROM YOUR GAY BEST FRIEND is indeed a girl’s guide to all things good. Terrance Dean, via his wit and charm, tells it like it is, in a definitive guide to self-empowerment. He is indeed the best friend every girl should be lucky enough to have, and, now can! Get your copy wherever books are sold and visit with Terrance Dean at