Street Science and Metaphysics Merge in New Film “GhettoPhysics”


Los Angeles – When author turned filmmaker, E. Raymond Brown first released Will the Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up: Peeping the Multi-Level Global Game, in 2002, he envisioned his book as a battle cry, a wakeup call to America and beyond. The independently published tome emerged as an underground, cult classic, breaking down the dynamics of the ‘powers that be’ in laymen terms that the ‘man on the street’ could easily relate to. Inflation, foreclosure, unemployment, healthcare issues, pollution, crime, recession and depression: somebody was benefitting – pimping – and somebody was being played for the ho! Brown’s message spread like fire through the streets. The battle call was heard and received loud and clear !

Filmmakers E. Raymond Brown and
William Arntz
On October 8 in major markets around the country, and on October 22 in Los Angeles and New York, Brown’s book will debut as the film, “GhettoPhysics, Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up.” Author, visionary and hip hop griot, E. Raymond Brown, expands on theories of street science by incorporating the dynamics of spirituality and metaphysics. His unlikely collaboration with filmmaker William Arntz (“What the BLEEP Do We Know!?”) is indicative of cultures colliding and merging around the world as the human thought spectrum strives toward survival. The film, directed, written and produced by Brown and Arntz, is the result of Arntz’s two years of total immersion in the project with Brown. With the emergence of “GhettoPhysics” Brown and Arntz are partnered as a formidable team out to change the game again!

“GhettoPhysics” ( is a cutting edge hybrid documentary that initially whisks us to the streets depicting very real street players, the pimps and ho’s, as they play out their game. The film then transitions us to the classroom and the corporate boardroom, where the same game is being played, only at a much more subtle and globally consequential level. The underlying theme is “dominators and the dominated” or in street lingo, “pimps and ho’s.” “GhettoPhysics” reveals the universal game of control, manipulation and subterfuge that is escalating in the world at a maddening pace, then offers a solution.

“‘GhettoPhysics’ is a film about the nature and structure of power, and the dynamics of power, as they’re played out in every corner of our society, and in every society around the world,” according to Arntz. “We see these power dynamics expressing in government, in business, in the military, in academia … in our families … everywhere. It’s a nonpartisan political film that exposes the root of all of the world’s dysfunctions – an imbalance in the dynamics of power.”

Explosive, controversial, insightful and comedic, “GhettoPhysics” leaps from the screen with input from personalities and celebrities that include author, social activist and Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West; MC and producer KRS-One; rapper/actor Ice T; economist, author and social activist John Perkins; Emmy Award-winning television producer and social activist Norman Lear; former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; and Brother Ishmael Tetteh, Founder and Spiritual Director of the Etherean Mission in Ghana, West Africa, a trans-denominational metaphysical organization. A colorful contingent of ‘real life’ pimps also flavor the cast including street legends “The West Coast Godfather of the Game” Fillmore Slim, Hook da Crook, Mac Breed and Lo Da Show.

Brown is a visionary African-American author, director, actor, producer, musician, lecturer, and workshop facilitator who attended California State University – Long Beach, majoring in Pan-African Studies. He has studied somatic, archetypal and aboriginal psychology, Taoism, shamanism, metaphysics, quantum theory, transformation facilitation, geo-politics and Pan-Africanism.

As a new author, his collaboration with Arntz is the stuff dreams are made of. E. Ray reflects, “I was a big fan of ‘What the BLEEP, ‘ and was looking around for help developing my film. So, I approached John Raatz, who had done much of the marketing for ‘What the BLEEP.’ John was always getting asked to pass things along to Will, but he knew Will wouldn’t like most of these ideas … except for ‘GhettoPhysics.’ Will watched an earlier version and then I had lunch with him the next day. He gave me 30 pages of notes he’d written on the film and the rest is history.”

Expresses Brown, “The people running the show (a.k.a. the Pimps) and the people putting up with it (a.k.a. the Ho’s) have been doing a lousy job taking care of the planet, the environment, and each other. It’s time to say ‘Game Over’ and time to start a new one. Pimps and Ho’s is not about right and wrong, good guys vs. bad guys. It’s about awareness of ‘the game’ and letting people know it’s up to them to choose the role they play in every situation. ‘GhettoPhysics’ exposes the powers that be and refuses to let those in control rule our lives anymore.”

Will the Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up: Peeping the Multi-Level Global Game is available as an e-book at Expand your consciousness now with “GhettoPhysics” and view the trailer at . Also check out exclusive film gems under the “Video Section.”