Is Someone Going To Make An Eddie Long Song?



In keeping up with our urban media world Bishop Eddie Long has become the hottest topic this week because of a sexual coercion lawsuit filed against him by three young men. This event has become the hotttest topic on the blogs and I wonder if someone will create a song inspired by this scandal? Antoine Dodson became a piece of pop culture after a song was written with the words of his rant for his sister’s attacker almost two months ago. So why not Long? If Long is guilty I want to know where were the parents of these young men? Why didn’t someone in his church notice anything? Why are Black people acting like homosexuality in the church is unheard of? If Long is not guilty, why are these three men filing a lawsuit at all? What will the lawyer gain from taking on a weak case? Whether Long is guilty or not the proceeds from the song could go towards a fund for kids who have been sexually abused by religious leaders and counseling for those who get taken by them.

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13 years ago

Aisha Sekhmet made a eddie long song