Real Pimps Stand Up for New Film, “GhettoPhysics”


Left to right: Marty “Mack” Breed , filmmaker William Arntz,
Reginald Simmons, the legendary Fillmore Slim
and bottom Mark “Hook” Russell at screening for “GhettoPhysics”

Holllywood, CA – Filmmakers William Arntz and E. Raymond Brown rocked Los Angeles recently when a cadre of Oakland-based Pimps joined them for a ‘tastemaker’ preview screening of their groundbreaking collaboration “GhettoPhysics.” Based on E. Raymond Brown’s critically acclaimed book, Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up – Peeping the Multi-leveled Global Game, “GhettoPhysics” will will be released nationally October 8 and open in Los Angeles October 22 from Captured Light Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

E.Raymond Brown and
William Arntz

A powerful documentary feature which mixes political commentary with social awareness and spirituality dynamics, “GhettoPhysics” jumps off the screen with input from Cornel West, Ice T, Too Short, John Perkins, Cynthia McKinney and Norman Lear. A colorful contingent of ‘real life’ pimps also flavor the cast including street legends “The West Coast Godfather of the Game” Fillmore Slim, Hook da Crook, Mac Breed and Lo Da Show.

Engagingly interposing the “Pimp/Ho” dynamics of prostitution with the “Pimp/Ho” realities of the American capitalist system, while at the same time juxtaposing tenets of metaphysics, “GhettoPhysics” is the next dimension of William Arntz’s box office hit “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” enjoyed a theatrical run totaling $11 million box office.

“GhettoPhysics” offers a hybrid blend of spirituality mixed with street logic to present a new wave of thought which breaks down the science of self empowerment. For individuals bombarded with social issues and concerns that include inflation, foreclosure, unemployment, healthcare issues, pollution, crime, recession and depression the film provides new hope. Arntz and Brown seek to offer a remedy that goes beyond ‘new age’ concepts and embrace a broader sector of urban culture. With modern day society seemingly on the verge of collapse, “GhettoPhysics” is a wake up battle cry for survival!

About interacting with legendary street players for the project, E. Raymond Brown says, “The street hierarchy is real. In order to even get certain interviews, I had to pass heavy scrutiny. The “game” is sacred- it’s not to be told, it’s to be sold. So they heavily vetted where I was going with the vision of the project. It was very interesting working with some of the most colorful and self-gravity generating characters I’ve ever met. They literally spin their own worldview… and somehow in the interplay of it all, it sustains.”

“The overall concept of “GhettoPhysics” will change your world view,” offers William Arntz. “”I now ask ‘Where’s the manipulation?’ when I’m surveying current events. When I see something in the media, I will ask, ‘Is this a pimp thing?’ or ‘Am I a pimp or a ho?’ I am now more conscious of saying someone is playing the ‘ho role’ rather than saying ‘They’re a ho.'”

“GhettoPhysics” is an engaging and expansive perspective that will initiate and stimulate dialogue for years to come. Wake up and check out the “GhettoPhysics” trailer at and peep the exclusive film gems under the “Video Section.”