Grammy Award Winning Producer Doc Ish To Release The First Treatment


A bit of a transient, Doc Ish is from a little bit of everywhere. Born in Dallas, TX, then onto places such as Virginia, Brooklyn NY, Hartford, CT and everywhere in between. While it seems like he may have seemingly burst onto the scene like a comet thanks to wining a Grammy for producing Eminem’s “We Made You,” Doc actually signed his first deal as a senior in High-School and soon thereafter had the opportunity to work with artists such Heavy D, Kurupt and Foxy Brown to name a few as he developed his craft.

Since then, Doc has lost a lot of time, “years,” in regards to his music career. For years, he was jumping from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, trying to figure out why his health would take such dramatic shifts and leave him in at times in an almost debilitating state. Lying in hospital beds, with nothing but time on his hands waiting for his various health problems to be both diagnosed and treated, Doc’s health eventually got better and when it did, so did his hunger for making music. When Doc re-entered the scene in 2008, he did so with a renewed vigor and his networking lead to meetings with various artists, one of which, D-12’s Bizarre, would eventually change his world as he then knew it upside down. After recording sessions with Bizarre, Doc received a call from him that a certain Detroit superstar heard one of his tracks and immediately gravitated to it. That track was what you now know as “We Made You” the lead-single from Eminem’s Grammy award winning LP Relapse, which has since gone 2X Platinum.

Despite the overwhelming changes that have occurred since “We Made You” initially hit the masses, Doc Ish has remained humble and hungry throughout the process and is determined to capitalize on the opportunity and use it as a stepping-stone. The timing and subsequent spotlight that has been affixed to Doc’s back ever since was ideal for the forthcoming release of Doc Ish Presents: The First Treatment which will be released on 10-26-2010 via Universal Records.

The First Treatment includes a collection of iconic and legendary emcees that would make a major label blush, let alone one of an Independent nature. While tracks like “Cut My Throat” f/Saigon, INS Deck, Ransom and Quan and “Make Moves” f/Buckshot, Rockness (Heltah Skeltah) & Colloso have made an immediate impact on the urban blogosphere, fans are already salivating over the LP’s assortment of talent and eagerly awaiting to hear tracks such as the dream-team pairings of Talib Kweli, Joe Budden and Sean Price on “Is It A Dream” which will be available on iTunes starting on 9-28-2010, Crooked I and M.O.P.’s Billy Danze on “She Did It Again” and the pairing of Max B, Red Café and Quan on “These Streets.”

Doc Ish believes that music is cathartic and creating this project proves as much and The First Treatment is the next step in curing Hip-Hop’s ailments.

Tracklisting and credits for Doc Ish Presents: The First Treatment:

1.) “Hi Kids” f/ Joell Ortiz
2.) “No Goodbye’s” f/ Apollo Swyf & Burroughs
3.) “Animal Grammar” f/ KRS-One & Burroughs
4.) “She Did It Again” f/ Crooked I &Billy Danze of M.O.P.
5.) “These Streets” f/ Max B, Red Cafe, Quan
6.) “Cut My Throat ” f/ Ransom, Quan, Saigon & INS Deck
7.) “I Wanna See The Whole World” f/ The Abnormals
8.) “Is It A Dream” f/ Joe Budden, Talib Kweli & Sean Price
9.) “Open Your Eyez” f/ Termanalogy & Hectic
10.) “Stalker” feat. Bizarre (of D-12)
11.) “Make Moves” f/ Buckshot, Rock (Heltah Skeltah) & Colloso
12.) “Save My” f/Nature, Royal Flush, Billy Danze of M.O.P. & Blacstan
13.) “Problems” f/Nipsey Hussle, The Abnormals & Neyo
14.) “War Outside” f/King Gordy, Kool G Rap, Bizarre & Royal Flush
15.) “Skys Are Grey” f/Nature, Quan & Tarboy
16.) “You Make Me Stronger” Kool G Rap & Ma Barker
17.) “Mo Money” Uncle Murder, SK, NBS & Billy Danze
18.) “FOH” f/ The Abnormals
19.) “You Like f/Samuel Adams
20.) “Freestyle” f/ Supernatural