Throwback: Ozone-Lil Suzy


Ozone was founded in Tennessee during the late ’70’s by members of the funk band The Endeavors. They became a backing band for Motown adding their sound to the works of Billy Preston, Syreeta and Teena Marie. In 1979 they signed a contract with the company to record as a group. The deal produced six albums and a couple of songs that mildly brushed the charts. Ozone’s value was not in their market share but in their tenacious musicianship. “Gigolette” and “Strut My Thang” were low priorities on national playlists but their shrewd injection of rock and new wave into “Lil Suzy” gave Ozone’s performing name a distinction. Prince and The Bus Boys had already used this idea and gave R&B a needed expansion. Ozone also worked with ’80’s R&B singer Bobby Nunn on “She’s Just A Groupie” and his Private Party album before disbanding in the late ’80’s.