The First Fourteen Months Without Michael



Fourteen month ago the magic and majesty known as Michael Jackson fled this earth in a chemically induced rest that was the climax to a longstanding downward spiral. The shock felt from his passing was an emotional blow that made the possibility of him ever returning to any kind of glory a definite no. However, the Michael Jackson who reached his professional zenith with Thriller and managed a few more worthwhile albums had already faded away years ago. The child molestation scandals, skin bleaching, facial disfigurement, strange unions, reclusive behavior and Caucasian children had already broken the hearts of fans who remember the cute boy who fronted his family’s band and grew into a handsome young man. June 25, 2009 was the official report of his physical death but Jackson had unofficially died long ago.


At the time of his passing he staged a grand comeback with the promise of 50 shows that he described as his farewell from the business. Jackson was a sharp businessman who took control over his career back in the ‘80’s. This Is It would be a parting dance for his fans, a self-written eulogy that kept him in control of his life after death.


All of the criticisms aimed at him were finally allowed to die too because with nothing but his memory left people were forced to really think about why they remembered him at all. As quickly as his death was announced the mental scan of his career swept the conscious of millions around world prompting a collective cry.


The ridicule he attracted disintegrated and was replaced with images of his creative triumphs.Whether it was The Ed Sullivan Show, Ben, The Jacksons Variety Show, The Wiz, Triumph, Off The Wall, Thriller, Motown 25, Bad, Scream etc. Jackson’s energy never failed to awe.


He became the most successful child star ever leaving his Black predecessors like Sunshine Sammy and Sammy Davis Jr. stuck in nostalgia and Vegas camp by comparison.


Michael Jackson’s feet were able to carry the legacies of Cab Calloway, John Bubbles and James Brown into new worldwide acclaim. He would be the only Black artist to make rhythmically uncompromised music and be fully accepted by a global audience. It is common knowledge the way he revolutionized the music video that inspires artists like Kanye West today.


As much as he enjoyed making songs for dancing and revelry he made charity and philanthropy just as popular. Jackson is also unique for coming from a family that produced three icons of music; The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. In the midst of so many half-hearted attempts from record companies to package and sell artists with the McDonald’s model Jackson was one of the last great performers. And for most people born between 1958 and the 1970’s and even younger generations a world without Michael feels odd


No one ever wanted to think about his mortality especially at the ripe young age of 50. When beloved fans ponder about this fact it feels like going to a surreal funeral over and over again. It is difficult to believe that his light has transcended this life and gone into another. Today is the second birthday and the first year plus two months without him. The rare rapport he developed with us is a reminder of the cheap expectations of the body and how his light does live forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday Michael Jackson.

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13 years ago

Skin bleaching, caucasian children? why add so much ignorance in what could have been a nice post to honor Michael on his birthday. Michael had not died long ago, you may have grown up with him but did you try to understand him before you judged him?

anyways Happy Birthday MJ